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#FW versionCommand Description
11.6.0AISets or reads the Auto Information (AI) function ON/ OFF
21.6.0FA / FBSets or reads the VFO A/ VFO B frequency.
31.6.0FR / FTSelects or reads the VFO or Memory channel
41.6.0IDReads the transceiver ID number
51.6.0IFReads the transceiver status
61.6.0KSSets and reads the Keying speed
71.6.0KYConverts the entered characters into morse code while keying
81.6.0MDSets and reads the operating mode status
91.6.0NBSets and reads the Noise Blanker function status
101.6.0NRSets and reads the Noise Reduction function status
111.6.0NTSets and reads the Notch Filter status.
121.6.0PCSets and reads the output power
131.6.0RXSets the receiver function status.
141.6.0TXSets the transmission mode.
151.6.0RIReads the RX frequency and Mode

*По мере необходимости - реализованные команды будут дополняться